JCR Implementations

At the moment, the only tested implementation is Apache Jackrabbit version 1.3.2. Experiences with other implementations are highly appreciated.


Apache Tomcat

No known issues.

JBoss 4.0.x

No known issues.

JBoss 4.2.x

No known issues.

A conflict with the built-in JSF implementation that occured with versions 4.2.x and higher was fixed with bug no. #1775013 (see Bug on SourceForge issue tracker ). The fix is available in Subversion and will be released with version 0.9.6.

Sun AS / Glassfish

Due to JSF implementation conflicts between the Sun Reference Implementation (that is shipped with Sun servers) and MyFaces (which is used for development and bundled with JCR-Explorer at the moment) the JCR-Explorer does not run in these servers. We are working on this bug, although we didn't solve it yet :-( Stay tuned!

If you wish to run JCR-Explorer in these server please feel free to let us know. The more feedback we get, the higher the priority will be to solve it! Or if you have some tips on how to solve this issue, please let us know, too!

JSF / Web Components


Apache MyFaces is used for development and testing.

Other components used

The following components are used: