For bugfixes and features in the current snapshot version please have a look the CHANGELOG.txt file located in the root folder of the project in Subversion. You can easily have a look at it via Subversion WebAccess


New Features

  • BinaryViewerServlet fixed (JCR session was not available) Thx to Markus Reis for digging me into that
  • CSS tuning
  • Multi-value expansion now uses JcrUtils.getEmptyValue() and is now possible with all property types
  • Query and query results are put together into one page (query.jsp)
  • Export provides now the choice between exporting SystemView DocumentView
  • Changed the order of elements to follow the DTD (some app server validate on deploy) --> thanks to Tako Schotanus
  • Added Lock as a new Module (
  • .module.lock, LockWrapper). Initially showing Lock info of the selected node in separate tab
  • JSF message output added to login.jsp, errors on login are displayed now
  • Initial version of observation console implemented (#1726725)


  • StringValues of References should only contain the UUID (#1735766)
  • Properties of type PATH and NAME become STRING on save (#1720569)
  • Refactored packages to org.jcrexplorer.
  • (#1763880)
  • 'Go' button in title bar now switches view to content panel (#1770673)