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JCR-Explorer 0.9.5 Binary (4.6Mb) Released: 9 August 2007

JCR-Explorer - A web-based explorer tool for JSR-170, JCR, Jackrabbit...

This web-based tool is based on plain JSF. It aims to provide support for all features of JCR-Repository including optional features like versioning.

The specification for JCR 1.0 can be found here , the work in progress for 2.0 can be found here: here .

For development the implementation Apache Jackrabbit is used, which can be found here: here .

Project status and downloads

The project is still under early development, but browsing and editing of most property types should work by now, also some more features like querying or import/export are implemented. Furthermore the GUI is still an issue, it's not Any comments, feedback or contribution is highly appreciated. The Explorer is still in a stage of early development but it gets some kind of stable by now. Main features including the ones of the current snapshot version are:

  • Browsing repository content
  • Editing all kinds of properties
  • Standard operations on nodes like adding and removing nodes, properties and mixin node types, locking, check-in/check-out
  • Showing versions of versionable nodes
  • Showing lock details of locked nodes
  • Showing information of the current Repository, Session and Workspace (like vendor informations, repository descriptors, ...)
  • Queries using available query languages
The current stable release is 0.9.5. As the project is under development, new features and bugfixes can be checked out by getting the latest sources from SVN. You can also check out the progress the following:

JCR-Explorer News

Oktober 12, 2007: JBoss RichFaces used in new version
During the last weeks, a couple of JSF-related frameworks and component libraries have been evaluated in order to find the future directon for the Explorer. Dropping JSF in general has never been an option, but a little bit more Web 2.0 would be nice. However, finally JBoss RichFaces became the component library of choice which is intended to solve some issues. First of all, the navigation should be changed to a nice Explorer-like tree view. Furthermore, the GUI should get a facelift and become a little bit more robust. Not really required, but definitely nice to have and useful is the built-in AJAX support that comes with RichFaces. So far, the integration runs pretty smoothly so that the release of RichFaces-powered JCR-Explorer 0.9.6 can hopefully roll out soon.
August 09, 2007: Version 0.9.5 released, binary download available now
The binary download for the new version 0.9.5 is now available on SourceForge.
July 22, 2007: Binary download available for version 0.9.4b
Due to a couple of user requests a binary version of the latest stable release 0.9.4b is now available. The release mainly contains a WAR archive that just should be deployed into your web container. Now available on the download page.